Über mich

My name is Mayeul de Larminat. I am born in 1986, French, married.

In my family, sewing was part of the every day. As a child my grandmother and mother would sew us pyjamas, dresses, skirts, tops, our own bed sheets... 

As a teenager, I couldn't wait for my family to sew for me anymore, I needed a funny costume for a party on Friday and chic dress for the next ball. I knew exactly what I wanted, and found it feel more convenient to spend the time making the object myself rather than spending hours in shops that never had exactly what I wanted. 

As a grown-up, I was spent 7 years as financial controller. After a long and interesting day work, I would very often work on a sewing project at home, just as some like to spend hours cooking or reading.

With this professional experience as security in 2017, I decided that I wanted to realise a long time dream: work for my own account.

When I came upon the idea of opening a sewing studio, it all made so much sens and fitted so well. I could turn a life long hobby into a profession. I could use sewing as a tool to show people how much fun it is to make objects themselves!

I also had a lot of environmental convictions around repairing rather than throwing away, about consuming differently: having less maybe, but with more attachment to one's possession.

A lot of hard work and love has been put into Avec Amour and I hope that this project will bring all its' clients love, joy and knowledge.

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